Know Your Farmers


Sarah McCamman has been mostly farming in the Sacramento area since 2008, with a brief stint at Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa along the way.  She loves the challenge of designing smart, efficient systems that help the farm run more smoothly and keep the bounty rolling out of the field and into the hands (and mouths!) of people who appreciate good, wholesome food. When she’s not in the field, you might find her tinkering on a piece of equipment in the garage, admiring the growth of her beloved starts in the greenhouse, or cooking up a big meal for family or friends in the kitchen. Her shadow, Olive the farm dog, is never far behind.

Randy Stannard has over 6 years of farming experience on small, diversified vegetables farms ranging from New York to Sonoma County. He is committed to cultivating community through shared spaces and experiences, and after working full time in the nonprofit sector for many years, is excited to return to a more tangible, “hands-on” project. When not on the farm, he is likely has a craft beer or fishing pole in his hand...or both!

In keeping with our values, our produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides & fertilizers. We highly value our interpersonal relationships with the people who eat our food, and we believe that our relationships with our customers more thoroughly inform their understanding of our growing practices than a third-party “Organic” certification ever could.

Our Farming Practices

Our practices include:​​

  • No chemical applications: our inputs include OMRI listed compost, animal manures, & Diatomaceous Earth for pest control

  • Soil preparation using a small walk-behind tractor & tarps

  • Manual cultivation: weed control using hoes & other hand tools

  • Minimal tillage

  • Cover cropping & crop rotation

  • Interplanting for efficient use of space & high diversity

  • Straw mulching

  • Shade cloth for season extension

  • Drip irrigation for efficient water use

  • Native & insectary plantings